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Dubai is a city that represents the future and is now experiencing a boom on every level. Emirates and budget Smartwings airlines operate many daily connections to this city, which is only a 6-hour trip from Prague. It’s a location not to be missed in 2023 since it offers breathtaking beaches, world-record-breaking attractions, and an experience like a few other places.

Both the tourist scene and the real estate market in Dubai are diversified. One may choose from various projects that have previously been finished or are still in the planning stages. Real estate’s value may rise while being built, which presents a very lucrative financial opportunity. However, caution should be used while deciding on a property’s utility because one cannot always rely on a project’s profitability. The system is unique compared to other systems worldwide regarding the priority vision of return on investment. It is up to each developer to decide whether or not to complete a project, but the circumstances can change, and, regrettably, it happens frequently. But Dubai is a city of endless possibilities; therefore, everything can always be agreed on through consultation; nothing is impossible

Any platform the customer chooses can be used to support a virtual tour. Thus one doesn’t need to be physically present to select a property. Additionally, there is no need to envision any challenging paperwork since the real estate agent always handles it.

As for financing, there is always a payment plan set up. Most of the time, this is done by putting down a 10-20% down payment and then an individual plan that fits the project. It is necessary to be prudent during the initial euphoria and to schedule payments according to abilities and capabilities.

Another significant advantage of living in Dubai is the low tax burden for property owners and the absence of income tax for FO and PO. In addition, the country and the UAE have a double taxation agreement.

An unprecedented benefit, which in the Czech Republic belongs instead to the privileges, may be the commonplace of having your own ”small town” within the entire property building. Automatic additional services include a swimming pool, gym, and parking facilities. However, it always depends on the specific project, and a cleaning service or a gardener may be available.

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