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Approval is an official procedure that takes place based on the requirements of the law. If the law requires approval for your building, you apply for a so-called approval consent, and the competent building authority grants or denies your application. Since 2018, the rules for issuing building permits and subsequent approvals have changed significantly. Use the A to Z Building Approval service to avoid wading through the quagmire of various official procedures. In this service, you will be attended to by authorized engineers and technicians who will help and advise you on matters related to and connected with the approval of a given construction site, family house, garage, or other objects. In case of your interest, you can also take advantage of the turnkey approval service, where you can take advantage of a comprehensive service of approval of the object until the moment of obtaining the round stamp. We only sometimes provide the creation of a project for your building.


If you have a problem obtaining a project, we can help you by contacting the relevant professional. The price of the service is always negotiable (depending on the size of the building, distance, and documentation required).

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Building approvals, building supervision

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We constantly expand our network of specialists who can help you on your construction site, project, or in front of the authorities. We are most active in Central and North Bohemia and Brno.


You will soon find out the price for the activity or the whole project.

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