FinanceFreelancing in Dubai

You can work as a freelance professional if you have a Freelancer permit. Your birth name, not your brand name, may be used in business transactions because the license designates you as a freelancer.

Businesses in the UAE aim to use freelancers’ broad skill sets to compete on a global scale. Additionally, companies prefer the concept of lowering the expenses often connected with full-time employees.

The major benefit of freelancing in the United Arab Emirates is that everyone has the same options, whether foreigners or native Emiratis. Once you’ve left your average job, the flexibility of freelance work is also alluring. Another choice is the flexibility to take on various tasks to help you develop new abilities or broaden your current expertise. About 80% of independent contractors claim that doing this helps them obtain more profitable contracts.

A tax shelter, the UAE has always been. You might want to reconsider freelancing in light of the region’s recent VAT and corporate tax implementation. However, the UAE government is mindful of all your worries. Therefore, annual turnover and the required criterion are essential here. Four different free zones in Dubai—Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Design District, and Dubai Knowledge Park—bring you the self-employment package. Freelancers can submit bids for forthcoming projects through a specialized marketplace called GoFreelance. It is essential to highlight that in this country, a freelancer obtains a permit rather than a license to engage in their chosen profession (brand consultant, content provider, etc.).

The cost of the package is 7500.00 AED. Simply freelancing is permitted under the permit issued in the passport holder’s name. A residency visa from the Dubai Development Authority is also required; it might cost around AED 2750.00 for one year or AED 5000.00 for three years. Health insurance is not included in this sum, which is necessary for individuals with residency visas. The possibility of establishing a registered office, where the business owner can then save significantly, is a significant benefit over forming a Free Zone company.

Real estate

Free zones

Services supplied: exclusive professional licenses

The application is submitted through the Free Zone Business Communities website

Online services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or consultation Monday to Friday

Estimated completion time: 2 weeks

Service charges:

  • licence fees AED 7500.00
  • premises license (valid for one year) AED 2000.00
  • visa AED 3300.00 (includes medical examination, visa stamping, Emirates ID)

Required documents:

  • a valid copy of the applicant’s passport with the residence visa page (if applicable)
  • NOC (No objection letter – for UAE residents)
  • self-declaration form (valid if holding a valid visa)
  • CV and portfolio
  • passport photo
  • business plan

Breakdown of specific trades: