Frequently asked questions and answers

Why responsible representative?

If the entrepreneur fails to meet all the unique requirements for running the trade, the Trade Licensing Act allows him to run the business through a responsible representative. A legal entity cannot meet these requirements independently and must therefore appoint a responsible representative for each trade. The law allows for the appointment of a responsible representative even in cases where the entrepreneur himself meets all the requirements for running a business, but this is a rare case in practice.

Who is actually a responsible representative?

A responsible representative is a natural person appointed by the entrepreneur responsible for the proper trade operation and compliance with trade law. The accountable representative must agree to their appointment and be in a contractual relationship with the entrepreneur (initially, an employment relationship was required, but now a general contractual relationship is sufficient). The Trade Act also states that the responsible representative must participate in the trade operation to the extent necessary. Unfortunately, the essential scope cannot be characterized well enough in general, and its degree is up to the assessment of the individual cases by the entrepreneur and then by the trade authorities in the context of their control activities.

A natural person may act as a responsible representative for a maximum of two entrepreneurs.

Benefits of your responsible representative, which we will arrange for you
  • You pay a lump sum for four years or a low monthly amount
  • A proper contract covers everything
  • Payment is made after the responsible representative is registered (within seven days)
  • The price is for the trade of construction, alteration, and removal
  • All negotiations are carried out quickly and online, by phone, or by personal meeting
  • Trades start at 950 CZK/month